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The Beginning of the Journey *atn PEOPLE WHO WANT TO POST*

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The Beginning of the Journey *atn PEOPLE WHO WANT TO POST*

Post by Noj on Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:49 pm

Noj grumbled as he worked to relight a torch in the cave he was currently living in. He could just use the power to light it, but that would risk someone possibly noticing it. He had some close run ins with male channelers before, but in recent years Noj got wiser, or just managed to scare everyone off with his spooky persona or some Ash filled garbage. It was probably not even a legitimate worry, as the thin thread of air he trailed around his location hadn't been disturbed, which he generally used as his alarm system. It could be sensed, but it was small enough that typically it was only noticed by people who were looking for it. And most of the fools who came to Tar Valon generally weren't looking for channelers, but death. Yet, Noj was always one to oblige people.

Cursing as the torch failed to lite for an eighteenth blood try, he chucked it at the wall and climbed out into the ruins, scratching his dirt-browned hair. As long as he lived his hair was white as snow, if he washed it, and at this point Noj tried to leave it as disheveled as possible so that he wasn't terribly recognizable. That plus the mangy white beard made Noj look a senior despite his face not discernibly aging more than a year or two from when he sparked.

Crawling out of his hole, he glanced about the city. At a glance one would never notice the network of tunnels and caves he had made to get around, but at the same time, why would they. This place wasn't exactly the definition of...inviting. Most of the buildings were either dilapidated, the opposite due to the craftsmanship of those who built the city. Seeing the crossing lines of utter ruin and complete solidity was unsettling to the unaccustomed eye, but Noj had grown used to the vastly different tones of his home.

Creeping through the more dilapidated ruins of the city, as passers by liked to stay in buildings that didn't appear collapsed, Noj listened to the slow crunch of his footsteps. The city was as eerily quiet as always. It usually lacked even the sounds of animals, bugs, or just the leaves in the trees. He had worked his hardest to build this place up as a location to be avoided, but Noj always had a suspicion that the scars left by the Shadow had helped him along the way. The place just felt....wrong when he first started living there. As if just breathing the air was a sin. It was possible to adjust, and those qualities were one of the reasons he decided to stay. Less people, less of a chance that...well.

Noj shook the memories out of his mind as he felt a twinge on one of his thread of Air. Someone, or something, was close. Immediately cutting off his small connection to Saidin, he began to creep toward the source of the disturbance at the edge of the city, working through the most run down buildings the interlopers were more likely to avoid. The pull on the thread wasn't violent enough to be Shadowspawn, or at least the typical trolloc, and it wasn't a large tug either, so the group was either small or a scouting party. Did the Seanchan or Whitecloaks finally decide to march on the city? Or could it be the Army of a dreadlord? Questions spun in his mind as he worked slowly and carefully toward the source of his target.

He hoped it was just some passing idiots, Noj didn't relish the idea of killing, though sometimes he did kill the idiots passing by. If the city only targeted armed force a pattern would be more easy to notice. He considered grabbing hold of Saidin, but there might be male channelers in the group. So instead, he crept, and sneaked his way forward to get a better look.


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